real coin (RC) — a cryptocurrency for all

Unoni Sokatui


With over ten years experience in the crypto space, I noticed something was missing for today and the future. The proof-of-work consensus mechanism is outdated and bad for the environment. The transaction fees of Eth, at least at the moment, are costly and impractical for most people to transact on a daily basis. Crypto is loaded with scam tokens and people looking to get rich quick. A new trustworthy utility token was needed for the people. Something real — real coin (RC).


I wanted to create a standard cryptocurrency token with no gimmicks that operated on a platform that satisfied all of these needs and offered something more than what was currently being offered. For that, the Binance Smart Chain blockchain was chosen. Unlike many other tokens you will find, real coin (RC) has no transaction taxes when bought or sold (such as a liquidity or advertising tax), making it ideal to be exchanged to pay for any good or service. A finite supply of 21,000,000 tokens was chosen to drive demand. Only 6.8% of these tokens are awarded to the founders and development team - far less than most projects. We want this token to last for generations. 98.76% of the liquidity is locked until March 9, 2023 along with 80% of the total tokens. Trading is available initially only on the DeFi website PancakeSwap. This allows anyone with internet access the ability to purchase our token. We are able to raise funds through crowdsourcing and public staking this way as well. Focusing on organic growth during the initial stages, we want to give people from everywhere a chance to be a part of real coin (RC). If we feel there is enough interest and are confident in continued success, we will pursue an additional exchange listing(s) in Q3, 2022 according to the Roadmap.


real coin (RC)’s vision is to truly be a recognized global currency in both the metaverse and the universe. Our mission is simple — to have real coin (RC) be traded and exchanged for any good or service.
We have grown tremendously within a couple of months to over 3,000 members, and we will continue to work tirelessly to spread the word about our concept. We don’t offer a game. We are not a fad. We don’t have our own app yet but we are working on it. We are real, dedicated hardworking people, who will continue to grow and support this method of payment until it is used and accepted by everyone. Our team lives in the U.S., Asia and Africa, making real coin (RC) truly global from the beginning. Our team continues to grow as our token has risen over two-hundred percent in value within the first months since minting. We want to make real coin (RC) known to all and are highly motivated and active on social media. Truly, we are at the very start of something great.

Benefit and Conclusion 

The five principles which lead real coin (RC) are vision, utility, compassion, knowledge, and passion. Our primary benefit to society is the ease of use in transactions in addition to providing a store of value.

In conclusion, the concept of real coin (RC) is quite simple. There is nothing complicated about our idea. We simply want to make a utility coin that people will recognize and want to use — a cryptocurrency that people can trust — a cryptocurrency for all. Thank you.