We believe that ten things are needed in order to have a successful token: A good name, limited supply, marketing/awareness, uniqueness, utility, vision, dedication, passion, intelligence, and compassion. Only 6.8% of the total tokens are awarded to the founders and development team. We will never sell our tokens and significantly impact the price of real coin (RC).

conceptualization and minting, the project in the past

Q1 2022

real coin (RC) was conceptualized on February 9th, 2022. 21 million tokens were minted and 2,000 tokens were added to liquidity. The project has gained over 100 holders and 2,000 followers to date.

Q2 2022

we've gained over 3,000 followers and 700 holders at this time. we've started a marketing campaign including a telegram airdrop. began developing a wallet app for real coin (RC). plan to increase daily trading volume and continue to build community. entered the competition and started looking for partners for funding. will raise the liquidity of the real coin (RC) project to at least $15,000. advertise through google ads and bscscan. gain listings on Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap. reach at least 10,000 holders. get listed on Trust Wallet. audit contract. explore staking and farming options.

the future of cryptocurrency, looks bright but there are many challenges ahead

Q3 2022

explore minting unique NFTs with leading artists. continue to grow community and further develop applications for both Apple and Android. reach at least 25,000 holders. get listed on additional exchange(s).

Q4 2022

complete and launch the real coin (RC) wallet apps. reach at least 50,000 holders. become known as the next leading utility token of the metaverse and universe.