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real coin (RC)

Do not buy Real Coin (RC) on the BSC at the present moment. We are working on a bridge between the old RC tokens on BSC and the new ones that are preparing for launch now on ETH. Thank you!

Real Coin (RC) 2.0 fair launch presale is now live on PinkSale on the Ethereum chain [View launchpad list, filter by chain (Ethereum) & scroll down until you see Real Coin.)

The next crypto in the ecosystem of the universe. We aim to be number 1. We help the planet. heal. equalize. present. prevent.

We are not a meme. Keep it real.

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About Us

The token of the next generation. Real Coin (RC)'s goal is to be recognized, accepted and used throughout the globe. We are a standard cryptocurrency token with a limited supply of 21 million tokens. For more on why Real Coin (RC) will be the next leading token of the universe, read our Whitepaper below.

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A new trustworthy token is needed for the people of the world. Something real and uncompromised. That is called Real Coin (RC).


I wanted to create a standard cryptocurrency token with no gimmicks that operated on trust. A finite supply of 21,000,000 tokens was chosen to promote scarcity. We want this token to last for generations. Our initial goal in the fair launch is to raise 50 ETH and begin trading RC on Uniswap. Focusing on organic growth in the beginning gives people from everywhere a chance to join the Real Coin (RC) movement.


For the most up to date plans, please visit or see the link at the bottom of this page



The main five principles which lead Real Coin (RC) are vision, utility, compassion, knowledge, and passion among other things. Our primary benefit to society is to make things fair, equal, build knowledge, and help grow, protect and help the planet.

Real Coin (RC) was originated in humility and simplicity. We wanted a name that people would recognize, trust, and not have to worry. Tokenomics can be found on the Pinksale link. 80% will initially be unlocked. 10% for presale. 9.5% for liquidity (locked for 2 years). Talk to Andrew on Telegram with any questions.




[2] Real Coin (RC) 1.0

[3] Twitter

[4] Telegram

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        We have ten things in mind in order to launch a successful token: A good name, limited supply, awareness, uniqueness, utility, vision, dedication, passion, intelligence, and compassion. We will never sell our tokens and significantly impact the price of Real Coin (RC). We shouldn't be able to really. The founder is doxxed. Real Coin (RC) was conceptualized on February 9th, 2022. 21 million tokens were minted and 2,000 tokens were added to liquidity on the BSC chain. The project gained over 100 holders and 2,000 followers. It then gained over 750 holders...however the initial launch lacked oversight, knowledge and understanding. On March 18th, 2023 it was discovered that all of the liquidity locked on the smart contract on the  website was unfindable [still under investigation]. For this reason and others, we decided to re-launch Real Coin (RC) 2.0 on the Ethereum network with a Fair Launch at midnight (UTC) - March 25th, 2023 on PinkSale.

Phase 1: create fair launch of Real Coin (RC) 2.0 on ethereum mainnet (complete)

Phase 2: develop aggregator, partner with dex Exchange for initial launch (in development)

Phase 3: partner with the most innovative healthcare company on the planet {in progress}

Phase 4: meet with key partners and investors if not already launched and work together on global financial crisis. 

Crystal Salt


How do I purchase Real Coin (RC)? 

You must purchase on the Fair Launch Real Coin (RC)  website through PinkSale. After launch, you will be able to claim your tokens and then purchase or swap Real Coin (RC) on Uniswap within approximately 24 hrs after presale ends.

Will I be able to sell?

You will always be able to sell Real Coin (RC). Liquidity will be locked for 2 years from the Fair Launch date.

What is the contract address for Real Coin (RC)?




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